We all know that some girls out there just have it. They can just about pull in every guy that they want with an alluring smile, a nice body, and all of that jazz. Even though some women are born with it, a surprising amount of women actually have worked as hard as they could to be “that” girl. Not every woman is blessed with perfect genes, so they generally cover it up with the perfect jeans. Normal women do have flaws, and even the prettiest women have them, and some are a lot larger than they would like the world to believe. For a woman to be one of those women, she’ll have to get in the right mental state. She’ll have to take an analytical approach to this one. She needs to effectively point out all of what she thinks are flaws and address them with some kind of plan

This is going to be hard to do, but if you want to be the girl all guys dream of, they’ll have to dig pretty deep here. Guys dream of the perfect woman, something that they have seen in movies. For most women, this is physically impossible, so we’re going to have to find areas about us that we want to treat. We’re not going to go specifically into the flaws that a woman may have, you know what they are, it’s all about attacking them. If this is done, this will probably help them out in the long run, and hopefully into a guy’s arms. Hopefully, this won’t be too much of a time consuming process.

Above the physical side of things, all guys want a woman that they can relate to. They want to have conversations about things that they like, and unfortunately, not many of them read celebrity blogs. Find something that most guys feel passionately about, become knowledgeable, form your opinion, and start talking to guys. You do not necessarily have to agree with what they’re saying, as you just knowing about what he’s talking about will be pretty sufficient.

Lastly, it doesn’t hurt to throw a little edge in there. Guys do not usually like the safe option, and they want their girlfriend to be sassy, and play with him a little bit.

Put yourself out there… If you don’t you will never know what you missed out in!