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Mirabela Elite is Sydney’s Favourite Dating site for Professionals. We will personally introduce you to people with similar values, interests and aspirations.

Get higher quality dates with our professional dating agency in Sydney.

You can count on our expertise in relationships….HELP US, HELP YOU!

Mirabela Elite meet all clients personally to gain a sensitive understanding of their personal relationship requirements. We truly care about sending you along the right path to a meaningful relationship. It’s important to reflect on your life before the dating process begins to give you the best outcome.

Step 1: Think about your current lifestyle and commitments.

Step 2: Your image and appearance, wardrobe

Step 3: How emotionally and physically fit you are.

The perception of what you portray who you are, is what people see long before they get to know the beautiful person you really are.  We can provide you with honest, realistic, constructive feedback to help you attract the best possible partner.

1. Getting to Know You

Your interview begins with a relaxed conversation with one of our experienced consultants who will take the time to listen to your needs so we understand the type of person you would like to meet. We only offer dating memberships to applicants that meet a certain criteria based on our selective process.

2. Your Consultation

We’ll get to know you, your hobbies, interests, values, lifestyle and personality. We will then discuss the type of person you would like to meet at your introduction, explain how our introductions work and talk you through, step by step what dating membership package is best suited to you.

3. Choosing your Partner

Based on the information gathered during your consultation, your personal consultant will hand pick and manually matchmake you with the most compatible and attractive introduction. We will discuss the people who we feel you may be interested in meeting and can send you their photo, and tell you about their values and interests to consider.

4. Your Introductions

When both members agree and feel comfortable with their suggested dating match, we ask you to call them to arrange a date for your introduction. We can offer suggestions for suitable dating places, and can make a booking on your behalf.

5. Feedback

Your consultant will contact both members after your introduction, to find out how your date went. Feedback is a must; it is used as reference for your consultant to perfect any further introductions.

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