Mirabela’s professional stylist service is available to those members who may require added confidence in their appearance or style in their wardrobe to accurately reflect their personality, status, and success.

Stylist to Sydney’s elite and celebrity circuit, KELLY ROPER is available for personal consultation, exclusively to Mirabela’s clientele.


Our stylist will help clients to project their desired self-image to the world, and help to improve their confidence both in the dating scene and in the office.


Kelly Roper is a freelance stylist who works with CEOs and other personnel from the corporate world.


Kelly has always had a fixation with style and presentation, and it’s a passion that’s in the blood – her grandfather, the late A.W. Roper, was the managing director for Australia of the iconic pattern-making company Butterick & Vogue Co.


Kelly studied photography at James Cook University in North Queensland, where she gained a thorough understanding of colour and design, and developed a distinct eye for detail. This was compounded by a seven-year stint at American Express, catering to the needs of the prestigious clientele of the Centurion “Black Card”, where she worked closely with a myriad of luxury brands. Here, not only did Kelly’s appreciation of style evolve, but she was able to explore and cultivate her true passion for how both individuals and corporate teams present themselves.


At the same time, she began to notice there was often a huge gap in the alignment between a person and their brand. Her later work in an executive head-hunting firm gave her even more exposure to heads of international and Australian mega-media companies, where again she noticed these same missed opportunities, and realised there was a need to rectify this situation.


She has now launched her own styling service to give professionals guidance on how to present themselves in a way which reflects both their personality and their corporate positioning.  Kelly assists her clients to embrace their innate aesthetic and apply this to their wardrobe.


She is excited to be helping some of Australia’s most successful business professionals discover the style sophistication which they deserve.