Frequently Asked Questions


What is Mirabela Executive Dating about?

We are an exclusive introduction dating agency for single professionals looking for a life-time partner.

Can I call you at any time with a dating emergency?

You can call us any time during office hours with any questions or concerns you have. Someone may not be here all the time as they have other clients and meetings to attend to, but they will always get back to you and your call is always important to them. Your consultant’s advice is very valuable.

We reassure our members that:

No – we are not going anywhere, we are growing bigger every day

YES – the fact that you called us means you’re ready to start your new dating journey with us being open and excited about your future!

YES – we will always be very upfront and honest with our advice and guidance that we offer you. Some of it you may not want to hear, but this is necessary in order maximize your membership with us and get the most of your new dating journey.


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