For ten years, Mirabela has introduced thousands of elite corporate singles who have found lasting, quality relationships with likeminded, successful professionals.

Mirabela is proud to offer an exclusive and highly personal service to lead people on the right dating journey – and boasts a 95% success rate for its members!

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I knew that my chances of finding a beautiful woman were possible with Mirabela great reputation, but what I didn’t expect was such a warm and gracious staff. They always knew my voice on the phone even before I would get a chance to say my name. Their impressive staff were so professional, knowledgeable in their field and great fun to work with. I cannot give a higher recommendation to any company. It was the best decision I ever made.

Nathan A.

I am extremely happy and grateful to you. We are definitely falling in love and this is changing our lives. My fear that a relationship would interfere with my financial goals was completely unwarranted. I am more focused and productive than ever. As a matter of fact our love relationship has enhanced many dimensions of my life. My deepest appreciation to you for a job well done.

Tony B.

I’m so happy you convinced me to meet this fabulous man. Once again your insights and wisdom did well by me and now we are equally excited and committed to pursuing this relationship.

Emily M.

I don’t have a problem meeting women, but meeting the right one was the issue.  All I can say is I love what you do because you found her.

Stephen C.

It’s almost one year now that I have met the love of my life! Thank you! You girls are amazing!

Melissa L.

Thank you so much for introducing me to Jonathon – he is such a wonderful man and is totally my type

Suzie G.

This is my dream girl. She’s not only beautiful but a lovely person. This is it!

Andy J.