A real life ghost story

So I matched with this guy on a dating app, he was super good looking might I add! We were talking for a couple of days back and forward via text before we finally managed to arrange a first date. Plans made, we were meeting for a drink at a bar in the CBD, but [...]

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COVID and Date Planning

Has your creativity hit a bump when it comes to date ideas during COVID? It’s hard coming up with new and fun ideas and also factoring in that some of us might not feel comfortable in crowded spaces still! Dinner and drinks have to booked weeks in advance for the places that are awesome [...]

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The Missing Part to Your Jigsaw

We all constantly strive towards finding the ‘missing piece’ of our jigsaw puzzle but the issue with this is that sometimes we’re so caught up in finding that one piece, we fail to stop and realise when we’re trying to make someone/something fit into our jigsaw that really just doesn’t belong there, so we end [...]

By |2020-10-23T15:25:58+11:00October 20th, 2020|dating, love, relationship, romance|0 Comments
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